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Dr. Chenraj Roychand

Founder Chairman - JGI Group

"We would like to fuel economic growth and sustainable improvements by developing a new generation of educational innovators and social entrepreneurs"

JGI Schools

Jain Toddlers

India’s leading nursery, preschool and childcare provider, Jain Toddlers offers a nurturing environment for the early years of a child’s life. Our faculty of passionate early childhood practitioners have trained with international instructors and come with an abundance of experience. Through our interactive and fun approach, we help young children build their motor and communication skills while instilling in them discipline and strong moral values.

Jain Public Schools

A pioneer in International Baccalaureate education, Jain Heritage Cambridge Schools are where the global leaders of tomorrow are made. We facilitate your ward’s development through world-class campus facilities and a learning environment that encourages them to excel. Jain Heritage Cambridge Schools are co-educational, day-boarding schools with extended day-care facilities.

Jain Heritage Cambridge School

To empower our students to be compassionate Responsive to our culture and heritage academically excelling holistic persons with a scientific temper in an environment of sharing and caring.

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JGI Group is one of India’s foremost educational providers. Founded in the 1990s by Dr. Chenraj Roychand, the Group has forged a new path towards educational excellence with its student centered institutions and educational programs. The JGI Group offers education to students at all levels, from Jain Toddlers for young children to Jain Heritage Schools, Jain International Residential School, Jain International Schools and Jain Public Schools for older children, and Jain University & Jain Colleges for young adults. Our state-of-the-art campuses are staffed by handpicked faculty and administrators fully invested in our philosophy of holistic student development.


To Transform Potentiality into reality

Our Value

Her.i.tage (her.ri-tej) A Journey through the past, Present and the future, encompassing not only various facets of education but exploring diverse areas of enrichment like Music, Culture, Arts and Sports.


The Jain Public School ensures wholesome student development through a cross-disciplinary approach that gives ample weightage to academics, sports, hobbies & skill development. We provide students the formative experiences and guidance they need to grow into responsible young adults with the determination to succeed. We are affiliated with the CBSE and our approach to teaching is one that encourages curiosity and self-learning among students.


A Whole Brain School is a happier school where both educators and students look forward to going to. Academic results are achieved at higher levels and overall teamwork and interaction are tremendously improved.
World Education Award For Innovative Interventions in Pre-School Teaching & Learning Awarded at the World Education Summit in Dubai Founded in the 1990s by Dr. Chenraj Roychand, the Group has forged a new path towards educational excellence with its student centered institutions and educational programs.

Who Said What About JGI
  • "I am convinced that the ignited mind is the most powerful resource in the whole world. If I can ignite your mind, the country will prosper." (Answering a student's question when he visited Jain College, VV Puram, in 2002)

    Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam
  • "I am glad to be a part of the women empowerment campaign at Jain University. Empowerment begins with clarity in life, which is then followed by personal management plan and one's sense of security"

    Dr. Kiran Bedi
  • "I am delighted to visit such a fine institution. The notions of liberal education and entrepreneurship which are being practised here is impressive." (During his visit to JGI Global Campus in 2008)

    Sri. Narendra Modi
  • "A top-class sporting and academic institution. The institution is par excellence in all spheres that is required of an educational institution. With so much emphasis on sports, this institution will definitely nurture sporting superstars."

    Mr. Steve Waugh